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Stay compliant, protect your IP and turn regulatory challenges into ecommerce opportunities.



Learn how consumer habits drive delivery, find the right vendors, understand customs and determine your effective shipping strategy.



Build your brand in the modern world with knowledge of local markets and global tactics.



Move money, increase conversion, and optimize your payment mix.



Every modern company is a technology company. Take advantage of the opportunity and minimize the risks.


NCBFAA is proud to partner with Getting to Global to increase education and awareness about exporting from the US. In the freight forwarding industry, we literally see opportunities for education that would enhance and improve our clients exporting experiences every day. Whether or not an exporting company chooses to partner with a forwarder to facilitate their exports- we know for sure that an educated exporter is a good and compliant exporter. And as our President Geoff Powell of C.H. Powell routinely says: “Compliance should NOT be a competitive advantage”. We applaud the work that GtG is doing to facilitate compliance in the export industry and we are eager to share the knowledge that we as an industry have to assist our fellow traders in the development and expansion of their export programs.

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