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There are so many tools and services out there to help you determine where your traffic is coming from and how you compare with your competition. We are using this webinar led by SimilarWeb, another tool, to demonstrate what is possible. We don’t own stock in SimilarWeb nor receive money from them, we just like their services and more importantly, found the way they articulate the use of these tools via this webinar helpful to our clients.

Basically, a large brand with enough online data to fully leverage these tools can easily track their overseas position and evaluate the effects of organic and paid traffic. But a smaller brand with hardly any data in overseas markets can still use these tools if they know who their better known competitors are in certain markets. Any brand can see what other brands are doing just by plugging in their URL. Imagine being able to see all the information about who is going into the store across the street, when, why and how they found out about it. Then being able to quickly advertise and build traffic in similar spaces across the web. Well it is now possible in the digital age.

But before we start, we feel compelled to clarify one key point, Ari is not Jonah. Though having met Ari on a few occasions, he is pretty cool.

Ari Rosenstein (Not Jonah Hill from War Dogs)


Jonah Hill from War Dogs (Not Ari Rosenstein)










Ok. Now we can begin.

Here we captured the key content from a webinar led by Ari Rosenstein, formerly of SimilarWeb ,  where he covers how to poach traffic, evaluate the state of your digital brand and more.

And here we edited out a section just on Search from the longer SimilarWeb webinar above which we conducted with Ari Rosenstein.

Per audience request, here is the Q&A section from the webinar we conducted with Ari Rosenstein, formerly of SimilarWeb.

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